Aluminum nitrate

Mini Spray Dryer B-290
Aluminum nitrate

Aluminum nitrate is a chemical compound commonly used in various industrial applications, such as catalysts, dyes, and antiperspirants. Spray drying has been investigated as a technique for the production of aluminum nitrate powder, offering advantages such as improved handling, storage stability, and ease of formulation.

The areas of focus in spray drying of aluminum nitrate include optimizing the process parameters, such as the inlet and outlet temperatures, atomizer type, and feed rate, to achieve the desired particle size, morphology, and chemical purity of the powder. Additionally, research has been conducted to evaluate the impact of different drying conditions and formulation additives on the physical and chemical properties of the powder, such as its solubility, thermal stability, and reactivity.

Moreover, spray drying has been explored as a method for producing aluminum nitrate-based formulations, which can be used in various industries, including water treatment, chemical synthesis, and material science. These formulations can offer controlled release properties, improved dispersion characteristics, and enhanced performance in specific applications.

Overall, spray drying of aluminum nitrate offers a promising approach for the production of stable and versatile powder formulations, providing opportunities for its use in various industrial processes and applications.

Please see the application note for starting parameters, formulations and some results.


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