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Food Additives / Contaminants / Residues

To assure the edibility and chemical safety of food and beverages the level of additives, contaminants and residues must be monitored. Contaminants and residues may occur in our food from various sources. Their analyses demand for flexible classical or pressurized extraction solutions. Food additives are substances added to food for chemical, physical or physiological effects, e.g. microbiological preservation, color stability or flavor enhancement. Their steam volatile characteristics make them separable from the food matrix by direct steam distillation.

  Classical extraction Pressurized solvent extraction Direct distillation
Analyte Contaminants, residues as PAH, dioxins, etc Contaminants, residues as PAH, dioxins, etc. SO2, nitrate, nitrite, volatile acids
No. of samples per batch 6 4/6 1
Typical process time [min] >120  ~45  5
Pressure [bar] Ambient  50 - 150 Ambient
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