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Production Process Control

BUCHI NIR-Online® Solutions enable enhanced productivity and higher quality for maximum gross profit margins. We support you in optimizing all stages of production – from incoming goods inspection to releasing finished products. Benefit from more than a decade of experience in simultaneous multi-parameter determination in industries such as bakery, dairy, flour, oil seeds or edible oil. Main parameters include e.g. ash, fat, fiber, free fatty acids, macronutrients, moisture, protein and residual oil.

Installation example NIR-Online Process Analyzers mounted to a spray dryer via weld-in flange. NIR-Online Process Analyzers mounted to a DN50 pipe via X-Cell. Gas-EX NIR-Online Process Analyzers mounted to DN50 pipe via X-Cell.
Application example Adjusting flow rate and temperature of drying gas, or injected liquid in dryers depending on moisture content. Determination of color, purity / residual components of edible oils. Optimization of refining processes in edible oils.
ATEX certification:
Gas: Ex II 2G Expx IIC T4Gb
Dust: Ex II 1/2D Ex tatb IIIC T80 °C DaDb IP65