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Nitrogen / Protein Determination

Our Kjeldahl and NIR solutions meet any distinctive need whether you are involved into incoming or outgoing goods inspection, at-line production control or quality control for declaration purposes. Whereas Kjeldahl is a proven method for all kind of sample matrices, NIR is matchless in terms of immediate and comprehensive multi-component analysis.

  Kjeldahl NIR lab NIR process
Determination method Digestion and distillation Quantitative content screening Quantitative content screening
Max. sample amount > 4 g/400 mL 395 cm3/> 0.3 mL 395 cm3/> 0.3 mL
Limit of detection (LOD) 0.02 mg N 0.10% 0.10%
Sample throughput (9 h) 120 190 Continuous
Handling Manual or automated Manual  Automated
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Case studies Kjeldahl customers