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Applied Industrial Rotavapor solutions for cannabis products

Rotavapor R-220 SE: Production and processing systems for modern cannabis applications

With the chains on the highly regulated cannabis market loosening worldwide, the need for easy to use devices offering large scale distillation process possibilities has increased. Multiple start-up companies have been formed in the last few years to take part in this emerging market.

The demand for processed cannabinoids range from recreational products like edibles, i.e. gummy bears, candy and chocolate bars, to medial goods such as tablets, sprays and tinctures. With the increasing need for cannabis products, industrial production is even more necessary.

The market requires flexible and easy to operate evaporators that can gradually be invested into. When applying the industrial Rotavapor® there is no need of a large workforce or a large acquisition budget in contrast large scale industrial plants. Profound process know-how for the optimization and application in this promising field are available at BUCHI due to the far-reaching experience from the very early stages.