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Determination of Curcuminoids in turmeric powder

Extraction of curcuminoids from turmeric powder using the UniversalExtractor E-800
Determination of Curcuminoids in turmeric powder

A simple and reliable procedure for the determination of curcuminoids content in turmeric is introduced. Curcuminoids include three components, curcumin (CUR) which is the main component and two methyl derivatives, - Demethoxycurcumin (DMC) and Bisdemethoxycurcurim (BDMC). Curcumin is a coloring substance with antioxidant properties, therefore commonly used in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. It has also been shown, that curcumin interferes with multiple cell signaling cascades, proving its anti-cancer properties. Curcumin has found to be one of the primary ingredients in turmeric and curry powders, common spices used in the Middle East and Asia.
In the presented application, the sample is extracted with the UniversalExtractor E-800 using the Hot extraction method. The total curcuminoids content is determined using UV/Vis spectrophotometry. The procedure complies with the official Manual of FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and the official method of ‘Turmeric Rhizome’ from the European Pharmacopoeia.

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