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Free Webinar: How NIR saves time and money during palm oil production

NIR in palm oil production

In this free webinar, learn about NIR use in quality control of edible oil production directly from a palm oil producer at Cenipalma, Colombia and a BUCHI expert in NIR.
Topics covered include:
  • How Cenipalma has implemented the technology in palm oil mills
  • How to use NIR to determine loss and quality of intermediates and final products
  • Detailed overview of the NIR method and NIR instruments
  • Factors that make an NIR system suitable for the edible oil industry
Plus ask your own questions.
The Speakers: 
Mr. Caser Augusto Diaz Rangel holds a B.Sc. in mechatronics engineering and a M.Sc. in industrial maintenance management. Mr. Diaz has been employed as a research assistant in processing at Cenipalma for more than eight years. His work there has involved working on projects related to development of new technologies, laboratories optimization, automation of measurement of Oil Extraction Rate, development of new technologies for fruit bunches qualification using Deep Learning and hyperspectral cameras, (KPI) key performance indicators for palm oil mills.
Dr. Antony Hartell has been working in the NIR industry for nearly twenty years and has worked with customers from a diverse range of industries. Currently he is based in Switzerland and works as the global Product Manager for all NIR laboratory instruments at BÜCHI Labortechnik AG. Recently he was heavily involved in the launch of the BUCHI ProxiMate instrument and has worked on a number of product developments during his career. He holds a PhD and a Master’s degree in Physics.