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Kjeldahl Tablet Configurator

To meet the todays requirements BUCHI offers Kjeldahl Tablets that are safe for both humans and environment as they are all free of toxic mercury and selenium. All Kjeldahl Tablets are available in different weights and compositions to suit different needs.

Use the Kjeldahl Tablet Configurator to select the Kjeldahl Tablet for digestion that suits your needs best. Just select the most suitable answer to each question of the Kjeldahl Tablet Configurator, to get information about the most adequate Tablet(s) for your needs.

Explore the Kjeldahl Tablet Configurator now
1. Make your choice














Answer four questions to find out which Kjeldahl Tablet suits your needs best:

  1. What is your application?

  2. Do you expect foam formation during digestion?

  3. How important is time saving in your application?

  4. How important is the ecological aspect for you?

2. Get more background information














The Kjeldahl app provides further details - explore it online on your browser!

3. Find The Right Tablet














After making your choice, our app will recommend a tablet which best suits your needs.

4. Request further information

To request further information on the Kjeldahl Tablets or applications fill out the inquire form and send it to our support service.