BUCHI Update on SARS-CoV2 (Corona)
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Syncore® Analyst

Economical high quality concentration

Syncore® Analyst

The Syncore® Analyst offers efficient, gentle, and environmentally friendly parallel concentration. With its clever design cross-contamination can be inhibited and recoveries are maximized. Profit from the wide range of complementary products to tailor your sample workup to your needs.

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  • Improve your sample throughput by concentrating up to 12 samples to a residual volume
  • No need of nitrogen saves operational cost
  • Small foot print saves expensive lab space
  • Optimize your process by combining the solid phase extraction and the concentration

High quality results

  • Eliminate the risk of cross contamination due to a clever design
  • Integrated solid phase extraction (SPE) eliminates contamination risks
  • High recovery rates due to smooth sample processing (up to 100 % solvent recovery)

Time savings

  • Save time by using the fast and proven parallel Vortex evaporation technology
  • Increase productivity by fast concentration of up to 12 samples in parallel
  • Concentrate to a predefined residual volume allows a unattended workup