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Alcohol and volatile acid determination in wine

“Easy instrument operation is really important for our routine analysis. Working with the Distillation Unit K-355, ease our everyday work for both, alcohol and volatile acid determination with really satisfying results.”

Alcohol and volatile acid determination in wine


Customer name

Ms. Judit Erdélyi, Assistant of Quality Assurance

Company / Institution

Schenk Vins, Switzerland

Product lines


Distillation Unit K-350 / K-355

Perform Kjeldahl nitrogen or protein determinations compliant to officially approved methods in the most cost effective way. Expand your range of applications with the additional features of the K-355.


Solution «Kjeldahl Flexibility»

You want to be flexible by using your products for classical Kjeldahl analysis also for related applications without time consuming changes. Our highly modular solution copes with semi-automated Kjeldahl applications as well as reflux digestion and direct distillation.


Solution «Direct Distillation»

You deal with limited lab space, changing samples and demands for different analytes requiring direct steam distillation. We offer a modular all-in-one solution covering various steam-volatile compounds with semi-automated operation and direct link to external titrators.