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User Training NIRWise Plus

The training will give an insight on application development for ProxiMate NIR
Content of training

Chapter 1: Introduction to Chemometrics
1.0 NIR and Chemometrics
1.1 Reference Analysis and Sample Selection
1.2 Quantitative Calibration
1.3 Validation
1.4 Terms and Abbreviations

Chapter 2: Application vs Calibration
2.0 Types of Applications
2.1 Key Terminology
2.2 File types used in Applications
2.3 What applications can be edited in NIRWise Plus 
2.4 Naming conventions

Chapter 3: Fundamentals of NIRWise Plus
3.0 General overview
3.1 File loadings
3.2 Selector
3.3 Pre-treat
3.4 Models

Chapter 4: Interpreting Results
4.0 Spectra
4.1 Press and Scores 
4.2 Spectral distances
4.3 Model fit
4.4 Validation

Chapter 5: Editing an existing calibration
5.0 Access NIRWise Plus Directly on ProxiMate
5.1 Assessing the calibration
5.2 Helpful tips

Chapter 6: Creating a new calibration form multiple .tsv files
6.0 Opening multiple .tsv
6.1 Creating a .prj
6.2 Creating a .cal
6.3 Creating the application

Virtual classroom

Limited positions available

Thursday, October 14, and Friday, October 15, 2021 (registration deadline: October 1)

3 hours on both days

ILP CHF 300.00 per person


Registration for October 14/15, 'Eastern Session' at 08.30-11.30 CET:

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Registration for October 14/15, 'Western Session' at 13.30-16.30 CET:

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