BUCHI Update on SARS-CoV2 (Corona)
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South China Institute of Oceanology, China

“The easier, more flexible, unsupervised instrument requires less time and manpower to do efficient research.”


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Dr. XianWen Yang, Professor of South China Institute of Oceanology, China

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South China Institute of Oceanology, China

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The Sepacore® flash chromatography systems X10 and X50 address most requirements for the purification of organic compounds. Whether a crude synthesis mixture or a plant extract has to be purified, the system offers an optimal performance and scale-up capability.


Solution «Preparative Chromatography Versatile»

You have complex samples such as extracts of natural compounds to purify and need to scale up the purification process in order to cope with a large sample load. The Sepacore® X50 Flash Chromatography system provides an optimum flexibility to use high efficiency columns whatever the packing and column size is.