BUCHI Update on SARS-CoV2 (Corona)

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BUCHI Update on SARS-CoV2 (Corona)


Flawil, October 01, 2020

The SARS-CoV2 (Corona) virus continues to shape our life all over the world and in all countries in which BUCHI is represented. It still has a lasting influence on society, the economy and our private life. The measures against the pandemic become again stricter with rising numbers of cases in many countries. We all seem to have to get used to a “new normal”.

For BUCHI, the protection of our employees and the guarantee of support for our customers remains the top priority. Our production sites in Switzerland and India are working to capacity today (October 01, 2020).

Thanks to the close contact with our suppliers worldwide, we have been able to detect delivery delays early and prevent interruptions in our supply chain. The logistics industry has picked up speed again and with increased shipping capacities our products can be reliably shipped to all regions again. BÜCHI Operations continues to monitor the situation closely and takes appropriate action if necessary. As of today, we can meet our normal delivery times for most products. For products that are available with a delay, we communicate the adjusted delivery times as quickly as possible through our distribution channels.

The last months have proven that our business processes are set up in such a way that they still work in quarantine cases in all countries. BUCHI has taken important measures to prevent the spread of the virus as far as possible. We rely on all recommended hygiene measures and clear physical distance ("physical distancing"), also during meetings. Of course, we also adhere to all relevant local rules in our subsidiaries. In addition, we communicate openly and honestly in line with our values, including with our customers and partners.

Please note that this information reflects the status as of October 01, 2020. We are aware that the situation can change very quickly and are constantly reassessing it.