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Customer Support and Technical Services

Customer Support

We are dedicated and obliged in resolving our customer’s queries. With our network of Expert Specialists around the Globe, we support our customers by providing both Technical as well as Application support

  • Remote support
  • Technical support
  • Application support
  • Installation and operational support

Technical Services

Our wide network of highly skilled certified Technical specialist around the globe enables us to provide our customers a variance of technical services with very fast reaction time. A proper maintenance of the equipment’s is needed to keep them not just in working conditions but also keep the down times minim. We strive proactively by offering our customers, not only Preventive Maintenance but also Maintenance contracts to keep the equipment’s in shape , increase the uptimes as well as increase the life span of the equipment.

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Repair on Site
  • Repair In- House
  • Certification and Qualification Reliability