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Dehumidifier B-296

Providing stable spray drying conditions

Dehumidifier B-296

The Dehumidifier B-296 is the ideal accessory to condition the drying air or to work continuously with water and organic solvent mixtures. It ensures process stability and performance.

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  • Work with organic solvent and water mixtures continuously with Innert Loop B-295
  • Supply air as low as 0°C for Spray Chilling
  • Measures temperature and relative humidity of exhaust gas

Reproducible conditions

  • Reduces the optimization time of a formulation
  • Increases the drying capacity of the Spray Dryer
  • Ideal for humid locations

Easy to use

  • Easy installation and set up
  • Minimum user interaction during the process
  • Low maintenance
Dehumidifier B-296

Functional principle of the Dehumidifier B-296

The Dehumidifier B-296 can be used for various purposes. First it can be used to pre dehumidify the drying air before Spray Drying, like this reproducible results with the BUCHI Spray Dryers can be achieved even in humid areas. Second the Dehumidifier B-296 can be used to pre chill the cooling air for Spray Chilling applications. Third the Dehumidifier will allow to Spray Dry organic solvents and water mixtures. In combination with one of the Spray Dryers and the Inert Loop B-295 it will remove the water from the drying gas before entering the Inert Loop B-295.