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«NIRSolutions™ Warehouse»

Reliable material qualification in the warehouse

NIRFlex Warehouse use - raw material ID

You need fast and convenient inspection of incoming goods as a prerequisite for ensuring superior quality of your product. Our «NIRSolutions™ Warehouse» with multi-bundle fiber optic probe offers reliable and precise qualitative and quantitative analysis directly in the warehouse.

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  • Uninterrupted operation through robust multi-bundle fiber optic probe, automatically switching twin-lamp safeguard
  • Robust and precise polarization FT-NIR technology
  • Error-free identification even of chemically similar substances


  • Immediate measurement without sample preparation and cleaning procedures
  • Rapidly develop robust prediction models with powerful chemometrics software
  • Short implementation time through pre-existing spectra libraries (e.g. pharma)


  • Fully compliant with pharma regulations like international pharmacopoeias, GMP guidelines and US FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Full traceability through calibration and validation lifecycle concept
  • Data security through electronic signatures
NIRSolutions Service Support

Service & Support

  • Basic operation and maintenance training 
  • Advanced calibration training
  • Comprehensive IQ/OQ documentation
  • Customized calibration support
  • Preventive maintenance including IQ/OQ
  • Minimize downtime with our service hotline