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Solution «Industrial Evaporation Continuous»

Concentration of large sample volumes


You want to distill large volumes of solvent with a minimized effort. The «Industrial Evaporation Continuous» solution is the most efficient way to perform unattended distillations.

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Unattended and safe

  • Continuous and unattended distillation of large volumes
  • Safe operation due to different monitoring sensors
  • Autonomous process with minimized need for surveillance


  • Save time by minimum interaction during distillation
  • Lower investment compared to multiple stand-alone distillation systems
  • Space saving solution for large volumes

Easy to use

  • Centrally controlled Vacuum Pump and Recirculating Chiller
  • Integrated vacuum controller for reproducible results
  • Comfortable handling due to unique flask fixation and handling tool
Service & Support

Service & Support

  • Distillation Record Software
  • Qualification IQ/OQ
  • FDA compliant components
  • Workshops trainings
  • Minimize downtime thanks to service hotline
  • Preventive maintenance