Bayer HealthCare, China

“The NIRFlex N-500 is the key for cost-efficient analysis at a high quality level, performed in a short time.”

Bayer NIRFlex N-500 Case Study


Customer name

Zhang Yan, Analytical Engineer

Company / Institution

Bayer HealthCare, China

Product lines


NIRFlex N500 FT-NIR Spectrometer

The N-500 FT-NIR spectrometer provides reliable analysis results for quality control as well as research and development in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage and feed industry. The NIRFlex N-500 offers a wide range of measuring cells and accessories for highest performance.

NIRWare Operator and NIRCal background

Operating a BUCHI FT-NIR spectrometer without advanced expertise is easy thanks to the intuitive NIRWare operator software. The bi-directional LIMS interface allows flexible and secure data exchange with full traceability. The suite, in combination with the NIRAnywhere software, allows centralized administration of multiple BUCHI spectrometers within a global or local company network.

NIRCal Screen One

NIRCal is a powerful chemometric software package to develop robust NIR methods which lead to fast and reliable NIR prediction results.

NIRFlex Laboratory Solutions

«NIRSolutions™ Laboratory»

You need fast and reliable information about your samples in order to take far-reaching decisions. Whether you are performing analysis for research or quality control our «NIRSolutions™ Laboratory» with dedicated measurement cells delivers precise analytical results for a broad variety of sample types.