Recirculating Chiller F-305 / F-308 / F-314

The efficient way of cooling

Recirculating Chiller F-305 / F-308 / F-314

The Recirculating Chiller F-305 / F-308 / F-314 are specifically designed to work with laboratory equipment such as rotary evaporators, parallel evaporators, Kjeldahl, and extraction products. You benefit from convenient central temperature setting, energy-saving ECO-mode, and automatic start/stop when used in conjunction with the Rotavapor® R-300 system.

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  • Efficient distillation due to complete integration into the BUCHI rotary evaporation system
  • Saves time thanks to instant start with automatic and dynamic pressure adjustment without waiting until chiller reaches it’s set temperature


  • ECO-mode: saves energy and reduces heat emission by switching into a stand-by mode when not in use
  • No water consumption
  • Maximizes distillation capacity while reducing solvent emissions due to intelligent integration of all process parameters using the Interface I-300 / I-300 Pro


  • Seamless plug & play integration into:
    • Fully automated BUCHI Rotavapor® R-300 systems including all process parameters
    • BUCHI extraction and Kjeldahl solutions

Save time with dynamic distillations

When the chiller is connected to the Interface I-300 / I-300 Pro, distillations can begin immediately, as the pressure setting is adjusted dynamically until the set temperature of the chiller is reached. Waiting intervals are eliminated to save valuable time.

Reduce the environmental footprint of the process

The chiller consists of a circuit system with a closed loop so that the same coolant is used all the time to eliminate waste, improve sustainability and increase cost-efficiency.

Gain lasting reproducibility even in hot summers

Maintaining the cooling liquid at a constant temperature, regardless of the season, brings more efficiency and reproducibility to the distillation process.

Temperature lock

Lock the set temperature by pushing the navigation knob to avoid unintentional changes.

Conserve water and energy

In combination with the ECO mode of the Interface, you can save energy and conserve water by sending the chiller into stand-by mode if no distillation is taking place after a pre-defined time interval passes.


Conveniently set the cooling temperature directly on the chiller or on the central Interface I-300 / I-300 Pro.

Rotavapor R-300

Rotavapor® R-300 – Highest degree of flexibility and convenience

The R-300 is a modular system that offers a more flexible distillation performance. An unrivaled number of instrument parts, including condensers, heating baths and glassware, help create a system tailored to individual needs.

Rotavapor® R-300

i300 i300 pro interfaces Rotavapor

Interface I-300 / I-300 Pro – Smart system control for more precision in less time

All parameters of the Rotavapor® System can be automatically controlled using the interface to improve precision and enable unattended system operation. Off-site monitoring optimizes the time-efficiency of the process.

Interface I-300

Interface I-300 Pro

Vacuum Pump V-300 / V-600

Vacuum Pump V-300 / V-600 – Reliable pressure control for consistent distillations

The eco-friendly vacuum pump regulates pressure via speed control for more consistent distillations. The silent pump comes in two sizes and enables distillations of high and low boiling solvents for a more flexible process.

Vacuum Pump V-300 / V-600