A comprehensive guide to evaluate recirculating chillers for extraction units.

FatExtractor E-500, UniversalExtractor E-800: Guide to choose the ideal recirculating chiller for every application

The BUCHI recirculating chillers are meant to be used with laboratory equipment that require coolant flow such as rotary evaporators, parallel evaporators, Kjeldahl- and extraction units. The use of a recirculating chiller instead of tap water is recommended to reduce water consumption and costs.
The FatExtractor E-500 and the UniversalExtractor E-800 can communicate with the recirculating chiller of the F-30x series, with automatic start and stop of the coolant flow. This guide will help you to choose the ideal recirculating chiller for your FatExtractor E-500 or UniversalExtractor E-800. The criteria how to evaluate the best recirculating chiller and an empiric formula to estimate the thermal load for each application are described and explained by examples

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