4 ноября 2021 r.

User Training Kjeldahl ('Western' Session)

The user training Kjeldahl is tailored to provide you with theoretical and practical knowledge of Kjeldahl and alternative nitrogen determination methods.
  • Type: Online Trainings
Содержание тренинга

The practical session will cover detailed training on sample preparation and analysis with our high-end instruments (K-449, K-415, K-375/376). Data management using KjelLink will also be an important part of the training sessions.

• Basic and advanced theory and practical sessions for Kjeldahl and nitrogen determination using Devarda method and salicylic acid digestion for inorganic nitrogen compounds
• Blank, reference substances and sample preparation
• Preparing BUCHI units K-415, K-449, K-375, K-376 for analysis
• Kjeldahl complete workflow: digestion, distillation, titration & data management
• Workflow optimization
• Troubleshooting
• Basic maintenance on BUCHI units K-415, K-449, K-375, K-376
• Introduction to KjelLink: Functionality of the software, data import/ export, creating reports

Цели обучения
  • Optimization of the daily workflow
  • Save time, costs
  • Minimize usage of chemicals
4 ноября 2021 r.
4.5 hours from 14.00 to 18.30 CET
Virtual classroom
CHF 150
Язык курса

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