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Profit increase through maximum oil extraction

Fast and reliable yield monitoring in process and laboratory

Edible OIl Extraction Process

From production line to the QC laboratory, BUCHI solutions allow oil seed mills and refineries to control the crtitical steps in their production process – from the pressing of the seeds to wet extraction and refining. The more oil extracted from seeds, the higher is the profit.


Our in-line sensors enable the operators to directly assess if the process is running under optimum conditions, i.e. whether the maximum amount of oil is exploited from the press cake. It is possible to directly monitor key parameters such as e.g. moisture, residual oil content or phosphorous and free fatty acids in the control room. In case of process deviations immediate corrective actions may be taken.



Using our benchtop at-line and laboratory NIR spectrometers technicians are capable of measuring key parameters as well as additional information within seconds. Moreover, our NIR solutions give rise to in-line monitoring of the same parameters.


Our benchmark solutions perform reference methods like i.e. total fat determination via Soxhlet. They confirm anomalies detected by the process sensor or the benchtop spectrometers and provide suitable calibration data. 


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주요 혜택

Maximum control

  • Real time in-line process control of key-parameters like residual oil, moisture, FFA and DOBI
  • Availability of analytical solutions suitable to measure samples at-line and in the laboratory
  • Comprehensive information through multiple measurement options available for all our analytical solutions


  • In-line sensors suitable for use in harsh environment that require ATEX and/or IP68
  • Analytical solutions designed to need minimal maintenance and to deliver best results reproducibility
  • Optimized user interfaces to enable continuous process monitoring and to speed-up the use in the laboratory


  • Laboratory analysis solutions compliant with regulations such as ISO, LFGB, Commission Regulation (EC) and AOAC
  • Total fat determination with an authentic and accelerated Soxhlet
  • Global network of highly qualified subsidiaries and distributors

고객 평가

"The operator at the control room can directly intervene to ensure that the upstream rape seeds are subject to stronger drying during steps of conditioning. Furthermore, a direct indication about the final rate of oil exploitation is provided by the measurement values of the NIR-Online spectrometer, analyzing the rapeseed meal at the end of the extraction step."

Roland Bauer, Junior Production Manager
Bunge Deutschland GmbH, Germany
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  • Advanced calibration training
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Customized calibration support
  • Preventive maintenance
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