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NIR-Online «ExProof» Solution

Certified safety for hazardous environments


BUCHI NIR-Online® ExProof solution gives rise to uncritical operation in potentially explosive environments. The process analyzer is constantly over-pressurized, therefore penetration of flammable gases into the system is excluded at all times. Enjoy full installation flexibility, as additional explosion proof cabinets are not required. Moreover, BUCHI ExProof solution is compatible with our large process integration portfolio.





  • Over-pressurized analyzer
    • no expensive explosion-proof cabinet required
    • no costly optical fiber to connect sensor to cabinet required
  • AutoCalibration Function® eliminates the need to develop extensive in-house calibrations or purchase calibration data bases

Ease of use

  • Large portfolio of adapters for liquid, solid, pasty and viscos samples
  • Time-saving automated report generation and auditing function for instant documentation
  • Direct display of key parameters in the existing process control system

Fast payback

  • Average return of investment less than one year
  • Immediate process corrections minimize waste and re-work
  • Optimization of key parameters for maximum profit margins
Your NIR-Online «ExProof» Solution


  • Basic operation training
  • Advanced software training
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Remote online support
  • Preventive maintenance