Nitrogen & protein determination in meat

SpeedDigester K-439, Kjel Line and MultiDist: Nitrogen and protein determination in meat according to the kjeldahl method with kjeldahl tablets and hydrogen peroxide.

Nitrogen & protein determination in meat

An easy and reliable method for the determination of total nitrogen and protein in various meat typesis introduced below. Samples are digested using the SpeedDigester K-439 using Kjeldahl Tablets Titanium and a combination of Kjeldahl tablets Titanium and hydrogen peroxide. A steam distillation protocol followed by a suitable boric acid titration is performed with the MultiKjel together with the Metrohm Eco Titrator. Coupling the new MultiKjel system and the Eco Titrator results in excellent performance with ease and speed of the analysis. A comparison with more cost-friendly configuration employing BasicKjel and EasyKjel systems for steam distillation and Eco Titrator for a separate titration is also presented in this Application Note.