Soluzione «Determinazione delle Proteine Dumas»

Dumas: elevato automatismo analitico e massima sicurezza di reportistica


Per esigenze di produttività e validazione nei Laboratori di Controllo qualità, la metodica “Dumas” per la determinazione delle proteine offre un’elevata capacità analitica, fino a 120 campioni in 8 ore, possibilità di processo automatico overnight e un concetto operativo estremamente semplificato.



Dati generali
I principali vantaggi


  • Tempo di analisi dai 4 ai 6 minuti per campione
  • Quick re-evaluation of suspect samples
  • The integrated autosampler for 60 samples (up to 1 g), or optionally 120 samples (up to 300 mg), combined with the short analysis time generates a sample throughput of up to 120 samples in an 8-hour shift

Facilità d'uso

  • In contrast to traditional batch processes, the most flexible PC-controlled feeding concept allows samples to be added or taken away at any time (“random access”).
  • The autosampler does not require any stacking of samples which makes it possible to run the instrument without supervision, also over night.
  • All functions, including gas flows and pressures, are under digital control allowing computer-assisted leak checking.


  • No direct contact with hazardous chemicals.
  • No risk of burns as the instrument is well insulated and protected, and it is purely operated over the PC software

La voce del cliente

"On-site, rapid and accurate determination of protein has proved invaluable and compliments our NIR detection systems. It has been especially useful for our wet fresh meat samples and QC throughout our meat kitchens and Freshtrusion production facility. I would recommend the equipment."

James Lawson
Joint MD GA Pet Food Partners, United Kingdom
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Servizi & Supporto

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  • Authorized IQ/OQ documentation and preventive maintenance
  • Practical workshops, training and seminars
  • Minimize downtime thanks to our local support