Prep HPLC Columns

Maximized throughput at controlled cost

PrepChrom Columns

The Prep HPLC columns are packed with high quality silica particles. They provide high resolution preparative separations with 10 or 15 μm particles. As the price of the stationary phase drastically increases when the particle size decreases, this allows to optimize the cost of the purification. The Prep HPLC columns perfectly match with the BUCHI Reveleris® Prep system and offer the ideal solution for a fast and cost effective purification.

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High loading capacity

  • High mass loading capacity achieved using spherical and small particle size silica
  • Easy scalability of high resolution separation
  • Purification capacity of up to 1 g sample on columns with an ID up to 50 mm

Cost saving

  • Get high purity without using very small particle size (such as 5 μm)
  • Fast purification thanks to high resolution and high sample load
  • Long column lifetime thanks to high quality of the silica and packing process


  • Constant quality thanks to the ultra-pure spherical silica
  • Batch-to-batch and column-to-column reproducible packing process
  • High stability of the stationary phase even after many gradient runs  

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