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NIR-Online «Inspection» Solution

Efficient inspection of all incoming and finished goods

Inspection Solution

BUCHI NIR-Online® offers turn-key solutions for moving materials on various conveyor and elevator systems. The functional interaction of NIR-Online process analyzers and their dedicated software is designed to meet industry demands at all points of production. Incoming raw materials, intermediates or final goods inspection – real-time measurements immediately allow operators to e.g. control incoming goods, segregation, or check entire truck loads prior to customer delivery.

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Full control

  • Real-time measurements of entire incoming / outgoing deliveries
  • Maximum certainty with full batch check instead of limited average control samples
  • Simultaneous multi-parameter determination for facilitated segregation
  • Measuring faster than (un)loading procedure eliminates waiting times of e.g. trucks, trains or ships

Extensive process expertise

  • Accurate measurements at all times thanks to specialized software automatically distinguishing products from interferences of mechanical parts
  • Ultra-fast diode array NIR analyzers for e.g. one measurement every 6 mm at a belt speed of 80 m/min
  • Perfectly adapted to height fluctuating materials on conveyors thanks to measuring distance of up to 400 mm

Ease of use

  • Fully automated:
    • Reference sample collection by optional bypass sampler
    • Report generation and auditing function for instant documentation
    • Calibration function for effortless method optimization
Your NIR-Online «Inspection» Solution

Service & Support

  • Basic operation training
  • Advanced software training
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Remote online support
  • Preventive maintenance