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Solution «Rotavapor® Dynamic Pro»

The most convenient and efficient way of rotary evaporation

Solution «Rotavapor® Dynamic Pro»
You expect the most convenient operation and high reproducibility. With the “Rotavapor® Dynamic Pro” solution we offer full automation, method-based guided operation, data recording and realtime charting.
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  • Easy to use with touch screen providing all process parameters at a glance
  • Guided operation with programmable methods including push notifications on mobile devices when manual interaction is required
  • Unattended automatic operation thanks to the AutoDest and foam sensor
  • No harmful emissions due to post-pump secondary condenser with optional level sensor that alerts potential overflow of the receiving flask


  • Time saving due to:
    • Instant start thanks to automatic and dynamic pressure adjustment without waiting until heating bath and chiller reach their set temperature
    • Charting of all process parameters even remotely on mobile devices
  • Efficient operation and increased sustainability with centrally controlled recirculating chiller and speed controlled vacuum pump


  • Comprehensive recording of all process parameters on SD card for easy analysis on Microsoft Excel
  • Push notification in case of an unexpected event

Voice of the customer

“The method-based guided operation simplifies the distillation task. Thus, we can entrust the lab assistants to safely perform a reproducible purification process using the Rotavapor® system, and dedicate ourselves to other tasks.”

Dr. Yasuhiro Shirai, Group Leader Photovoltaic Polymer Materials
Global Research Center for Environment and Energy based on Nanomaterials Science, GREEN, Japan
Solution «Rotavapor® Dynamic Pro»

Service & Support

  • Dedicated application support
  • Workshop trainings
  • Service hotline
  • Preventive maintainance
  • FDA compliant components
  • Service and documentation (IQ/OQ)
Solution «Rotavapor® Dynamic Pro»