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Solution «Lyovapor™ L-300 Continuous»

Convenient with unlimited sublimation capacity

Solution «LyovaporTM L-300 Continuous»

Looking for a device that is always ready to use, delivers infinite ice capacity, can be used by several people at once and does not have to be cleaned? Our «Lyovapor™ L-300 Continuous» solution offers essential Freeze Drying for water and organic based solvents regardless of how large your sample throughput will be in future.

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  • Dual condensers for unlimited ice loading
  • Reproducible process due to stable parameters
    • Cooling temperature -105 °C
    • Vacuum pressure 
  • Sublimation of water and organic based solvents
  • Constantly ready to use; never requires cleaning


  • Saves electricity by using a smaller vacuum pump
  • Infinite sublimation capacity
  • Just one device needed for different users


  • Process parameters can be checked from anywhere at anytime using the BUCHI Monitor App
  • Automatic hygienic steam-cleaning
  • Maximum flexibility regarding display positioning (at front or side)
Your solution «Lyovapor L-300 Continuous»

Service & Support

  • Application support
  • Training workshops
  • Service hotline
  • Preventive maintenance
  • GMP-compliant components
  • Service and documentation (IQ/OQ)
Solution «LyovaporTM L-300 Continuous»

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