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Isolate active compounds in natural products

Fast and efficient solutions from nature to medicine

Along the process from the plant to the pure active molecule, BUCHI provides you time saving and efficient solutions to purify your natural material. Our rotary evaporators for laboratory and industrial scale allow a fully automated concentration of natural extracts and recovery of the extraction solvent.

Afterwards, the concentrated extract is purified on flash and preparative HPLC columns on a BUCHI preparative chromatography system to isolate the target active compound.


Natural Products Process

Efficient concentration and solvent recovery

  • Fast and efficient concentration with rotary evaporator:

                 - Rotavapor® R-300 for evaporating flask up to 5 L

                 - Rotavapor® R-220 Pro or R-250 for larger extraction volumes such as
                   cannabis extracts.

  • Unattended automatic evaporation and concentration of the natural extract with the Rotavapor® R-300:

               - AutoDest option for automatic distillation

               - BUCHI foam sensor for foaming samples


  • Easy retrieval of the extract using a beaker flask equipped with a large screw-cap opening.

Get more insight into the BUCHI rotary evaporation expertise:

High productivity isolation of the active compound

  • Fast isolation of an active compound from a complex extract using only one system: the Reveleris® PREP for both flash and prep HPLC separations
  • Optimum fraction purity: selective separation on highly efficient columns packed with particles down to 7 µm
  • Maximized throughput product recovery with the simultaneous evaporation of collected fractions on a Multivapor™ P6 – P12 parallel evaporator

Isolation of stevioside

Have a look at the isolation of stevioside from the leaves of S. Rebaudiana:

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