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Concentration of environmental samples

Fast – Reliable – EPA compliant

The US EPA Emission Reduction Program (EPA 3500C) requires efficient solvent collection for evaporation processes. The parallel evaporator, Syncore® Analyst, not only covers this need it also provides a high degree of automation, high analyte recovery and maximum reproducibility.

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Labor-free: Chilled appendage allows for easy transfer without supervision

  • Save money by performing labor free concentrations
  • Eliminate the chance of samples going to dryness
  • Increase work quality by achieving reproducible results  

Reliable: high analyte recoveries due to Flushback effect

  • Increase analyte yield with an automatic rinse down of the glass vessels
  • Eliminate the post concentration rinse down step of the glass vessels
  • Decrease loss of analytes due to sublimation

Safe and eco-friendly: >95% solvent recovery

  • Protect yourself and eliminate harmful emissions inside the laboratory
  • Practice Green Chemistry while complying with EPA guidelines
  • Sell the recovered solvent or save money by
  • reusing it for rinsing glassware

Solid Phase Extraction and evaporation in one

  • All essential work-up steps including evaporation of the elutes are achieved without sample handling between individual steps
  • Individual control: each sample flow can be controlled individually
  • No cross-contamination: every sample is individually sealed
  • No sample transfer: elutes can directly be evaporated

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