Free whitepaper: Graphene-based composites for lithium batteries by spray drying

Graphene-based composites can be used to improve the electric conductivity and cycling performance of lithium batteries (LIBs). In this whitepaper, learn more about the steps needed to obtain graphene-based composites using the spray drying technique. Find out more about:

  • Graphene and the spray drying process
  • How to obtain graphene-based composites as cathode and anode material
  • Schematic for synthesis of LTO/GS and pPAN-S/GNS composites
  • Process parameters for spray drying of produce Fe2O3/graphene sheets, Li4Ti5O12/graphene sheets and others
  • Function of various graphene powders in battery research and development

Get more efficient, longer lasting LIBs with spray dried graphene-based composites.

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