Solution «Preparative Chromatography ELSD / UV Flash»

High performance flash chromatography separation

Solution «Preparative Chromatography ELSD / UV Flash»

After a long development time and multiple synthesis steps, you finally got the molecule you are searching but in a complex mixture. The crucial purification step must protect your sample and provide a high purity. Our Reveleris® X2 system quickly separates and detects all compounds whether they absorb in UV or not.

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High performance detection

  • Synchronized detection and fraction collection from up to four detection signals (ELSD and UV)
  • All compounds detected at once using the integrated UV detector together with the  Evaporative Light Scattering detector (ELSD)
  • Maximized recoveries by directing only 30 µL/min or less of your sample to ELSD

Flexible and reliable

  • Quickly modify run parameters on a large 12’’ touch screen display
  • Auto-recognition of flash cartridges and racks reduces set-up time and the risk of potential errors
  • Self optimizing ELS detector without user interaction


  • Purify complex samples from discovery through process R&D
  • Fast optimization of the flash separation with optimized software features (automatic gradient optimization, TLC data transposition)
  • All compounds detected at once using the integrated UV detector together with the integrated Evaporative Light Scattering detector (ELSD)

Service & Support

  • Reference applications
  • Laboratory chromatography guide
  • Customized application support
  • Practical workshops, trainings and seminars
  • Minimized downtime thanks to our service hotline