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Cartridger® C-670

High efficiency cartridge packing

Cartridger® C-670

The patented Cartridger® C-670 allows quickly and simply packing high performance cartridges for reliable flash chromatography separations. Together with a substantial cost reduction, it provides the possibility to fill the cartridge with the silica quality of your choice.

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  • Achieve optimal separation with high quality cartridges
  • Benefit from the unique packing process based on the fluidization of the silica
  • Prepare your specific cartridge: choose your own silica and select the cartridge format (4 to 90 g)

Cost saving

  • Save cost compared to prepacked cartridges
  • No more column storage
  • Reduce solvent consumption compared to open glass columns

Fast and safe

  • Pack a column in less than one minute
  • Use any silica based material with particle size from 30 to 200 μm
  • Minimized user exposure
Funktional principle of the C-670_01

Functional principle of the Cartridger® C-670

The packing process consists of two steps. In the first step A the stationary phase is fluidized by the flowing through of gas or compressed air. Silica gel is thereby homogenized and the friction of the particles against one another is considerably reduced. In the second step B the cartridge is packed using vacuum and sealed with two frits.

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