BUCHI Update on SARS-CoV2 (Corona)

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Alltech® 3300 ELSD HP

High sensitivity detection for analytical HPLC

Alltech® 3300 ELSD

We are experts in designing and manufacturing ELSDs. Alltech® ELSD simplifies analysis of difficult compounds such as pharmaceuticals, impurities, fatty acids, polymer and more.

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  • Easy use of interface
    • A simple, step-by-step method wizard guides you through detector setup
    • Offers seven different languages for the user interface
  • Easy to maintain
    • Parts requiring cleaning or service are accessible from the front


  • Improves baseline stability and detection sensitivity compared to refractive index (RI)
  • Use ELSD in parallel with UV/Vis and MS for maximum structural and concentration information
  • Obtains a more accurate representation of sample mass than UV/Vis


  • Low noise and excellent baseline stability
  • Low nanogram detection limits