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Solution «Kjeldahl Throughput»

Nitrogen determination at high throughput and full automation


You cope with ever increasing sample loads for nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl, with rising costs per analysis and requirements for thorough documentation. We offer a solution for analyzing up to 120 samples in a one-person working day, providing a maximum degree of automation in sample and data processing.

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More samples per day and yet flexible

  • Unprecedented sample throughput is achieved, with the minimal number of instruments due to accelerated digestions and perfect synchronization between the KjelDigester K-449 and KjelSampler K-377.
  • Fully automated process from sample preparation to titration for unattended operation. Direct data exchange with balances, bar code readers, printer, LIMS and PC.
  • Quick determination of priority samples using ‘Express Positions’ even when complex sequences are being operated. Manual single sample operation is possible at any time.

Fully compliant

  • Excellent reproducibility by thoroughly programmable procedures including both colorimetric and potentiometric titration in compliance with AOAC, EPA, ISO, EC and DIN regulations.
  • Different access levels of authorization, thorough reporting and tracked data manipulation following GLP guidelines.

Comprehensively safe

  • Environmentally sound and safe operation. Automated and effective fume transfer, neutralization and cooling of harmful digestion fumes and automatic sample transfer by the KjelSampler K-377 to the KjelMaster K-375.
  • Optimal operator protection. Automated and supervised processes, tight sealings and protection shields.

Voice of the customer

“The KjelDigester helps us to get results faster and it is the ideal companion to our automated Kjeldahl system. The reliability of these instruments is essential for our service laboratory, thus we really appreciate the great support from the BUCHI service team.”

Mrs. Barbara Vogel, Nutrient Analysis, Laboratory Manager
UFAG Laboratorien AG, Switzerland

Service & Support

  • Comprehensive list of reference applications
  • Customized application support
  • Authorized IQ, OQ and PQ documentation
  • Useful tools for application development
  • Practical workshops, trainings and seminars
  • Preventive maintenance including IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Minimize downtime thanks to our service hotline