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Solution «alcoholic beverages»

From raw material to the drinks you taste

Alcoholic Beverages

Discover the benefits of the BUCHI solutions for the entire alcoholic beverages production cycle from the raw material to the finished product.

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  • The broadest range of applications for steam distillation (alcohol, SO2, volatile acids, protein)
  • Simultaneous and reproducible analysis of several parameters like protein, moisture, alcohol and many more is achieved thanks to the precise and robust polarization FT-NIR technology


  • More than 50 years of experience in protein determination according to Kjeldahl
  • A team of highly qualified specialists continually improve the Application Notes with detailed descriptions

Fast and safe

  • Results within seconds with the NIRSolutionsTM Laboratory


  • Combined parallel solid phase extraction (SPE) and parallel evaporation for the determination of ethyl carbamate

Voice of the customer

“The introduction of the BUCHI Distillation Unit K-350 in our company made a fast and easy alcohol determination possible. It makes the alcohol determination much more reliable and not dependent from the executor anymore.”

Dr. Patrick van Zuidam, Amministratore Delegato di Zuidam Distillers BV
Zuidam Distillers, Holland

Service & Support


  • Comprehensive list of reference applications
  • Customized application support
  • Authorized IQ, OQ and PQ documentation
  • Useful tools (e.g. apps) for application development
  • Practical workshops, trainings and seminars
  • Preventive maintenance including IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Minimize downtime thanks to our service hotline
  • Advanced calibration training
  • Customized calibration support