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News Releases

05.02.2019 | Jan. 2019, Flawil, Switzerland - BUCHI Labortechnik AG announced today the release of a new extraction line with industry... Read more
05.02.2019 | Jan. 2019, Flawil, Switzerland – BUCHI Labortechnik AG has launched the new Pure flash and prep chromatography systems,... Read more
19.12.2018 | BUCHI will no longer be supporting Rotavapor® systems that are pre 2005. We will be offering you the opportuinity to... Read more
05.06.2018 | BUCHI Labortechnik AG, a leading global provider of laboratory technology for R&D, quality control and production... Read more
22.11.2017 |   The winner of the 4.5kg bar of Toblerone from the guess the number of sweets in the BUCHI glassware competition from... Read more
24.10.2017 | BUCH UK are having an end of year sale with 20% off all bench top rotary evaporators and up to 70% off Chromatography... Read more
20.07.2017 | It is the 60th anniversary of the Rotavapor® in order to celebrate the diamond jubilee BUCHI UK are searching for the... Read more
10.07.2017 |     BUCHI UK Ltd would like to offer you the opportunity to own a Kjeldahl system that delivers you great quality: Buy a... Read more
13.06.2017 | BUCHI extends it's Chromatography portfolio and now offers the new FlashPure range with more than 170 flash cartridges.... Read more
12.06.2017 | Congratulations to Peter Berger from Heriot Watt University, the winner of the BUCHI prize draw at WDSC 2017. The draw... Read more