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Kjeldahl Reports

The new Kjeldahl Reports App facilitates your daily routine for Kjeldahl applications and sulfur
dioxide determination. Together with the Kjeldahl Optimizer, the Kjeldahl Reports App handles
sample data with ease:

  • Create sample lists
  • Group samples for replications
  • Calculate results including statistics and assessment
  • Export reports

​In combination with distillation unit and titrator, Kjeldahl Reports links the sample information to
the sample weight and the titrant consumption. Based on the results, the App provides you a final evaluation of the analyte of interest.


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1. Create sample batches including sample name and sample amount

  • The number of samples per batch can be extened to 20 samples

  • For the amount of sample choose between gram and milliliter


2. Grouping of samples
  • Sample replicates can be grouped. For the determination of the results also the average
    value, the standard deviation and the relative standard deviation are calculated
  • A differentiation between samples and reference substances is possible. By means of
    reference substances, execute a Performance Qualification (PQ) by calculating the
    recovery rate, which is assessed and concluded


3. Enter titration parameters and titrant consumption

  • The titration parameters are adapted either to boric acid or back titration for the Kjeldahl
    method, or for the determination of sulfur dioxide determination
  • The titrant consumption can be entered for all samples and blanks to provide the results
    and final evaluation of the analytes of interest


4. Calculation and export of results

  • After entry of all parameters the results are calculated automatically
  • A written conclusion helps to evaluate the results
  • The scope of the report can be individually adapted
  • Export the report in PDF or CVS format for result storage