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Kjeldahl Optimizer

The Kjeldahl Optimizer helps you to set up a Kjeldahl experiment correctly. It shows you how to save time, chemicals and finally money. It is a vital tool in the application support for Kjeldahl users. Application-related questions can be answered quickly and competently.



The optimized process parameters are calculated based on the following input information:

  • Chemicals: boric acid concentration, catalyst type, titrant normality
  • Instrument options: tube size, distillation type
  • Sample related information: expected protein content, protein factor, sample volume, fat and water content

Background information

Helpful tips, graphs and tables assist you to optimize the process parameters in order to save time and chemicals. Most parameters are directly refered to detailed descriptions in BUCHI's Kjeldahl Guide


The calculator outputs the following parameters:

  • Digestion parameters: Number of Kjeldahl tablets (or powder weight) and volume of sulfuric acid
  • Distillation parameters: Volume of NaOH, water and boric acid
  • Titration parameters: Titrant consumption of blanks and sample, calculated amount of nitrogen (or protein) per sample

Get professional support

The calculated parameters can directly be sent to our application support team. Our specialists are happy to support you in specific questions. A list of more than 100 application notes is also implemented in the app in order to provide real life references.