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BUCHI started offering the first Cloud-based services in 2015 with the introduction of the Monitor App. Now Flux has been expanded to a full-service framework greatly simplifying daily tasks and to manage BUCHI instrument data and solutions. Flux not only helps you to remotely monitor the status of your instrument but also to run a fully automated process, send direct support requests, and much more. Read more about the benefits and how to get started with it below.


Device / Data Management

The Flux solution provides instant information about the status and settings of your instruments, wherever they are installed around the globe. This makes it simple to keep all your instruments up-to-date and ensures that they use the correct settings, calibrations and methods. In addition, you can store all your measurement data in the Cloud. Therefore, central access to all your measurements as well as sharing with colleagues becomes very easy!


Maintance and Support

  • Quick and effortless updates by the push of a button on BUCHI Monitor App
  • Free firmware updates for new features and bug fixes without any service technician intervention
  • By the push of a button on your Monitor App request service support 
  • A local service technician will get in touch with you 
  • The request contains already all important information for a faster diagnose and repair 

API: OpenInterface

Connects your instruments together. Automatization. Lab 4.0

Open Interface allows to have an status overview of different BUCHI devices and to have communication between them. You will be able to connect your BUCHI device into an automatized solution. You have an idea to bring automation to your lab? Share it with us and we will do our best to make your dreams come true!

Learn more about OpenInterface