Solution «Preparative Chromatography Dual»

Bridging the gap between flash and preparative HPLC

Preparative Chromatography Dual

You face an increasing number of samples to purify, whether after an organic synthesis or an extraction step. You would like to perform the whole purification process in your own laboratory in order to isolate the pure compounds faster for further analysis. Our Reveleris® Prep system allows you to run both flash and preparative HPLC separations on the same system and is equipped with an integrated ELSD.

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Fast purification of any sample at any scale

  • Flash chromatography separation and subsequent preparative HPLC purification of the relevant fractions on the same system. Usage of preparative HPLC columns filled with 10 - 15 µm silica particles thanks to maximum pressure of up to 120 bar (1700 psi)
  • Fast optimization of the flash separation with optimized software features (TLC data transposition)
  • All compounds detected at once using the integrated UV detector together with the optional Evaporative Light Scattering detector (ELSD)

High performance separation

  • Full separation optimization capabilities with the optional Reveleris® Navigator® Software: improved efficiency and productivity based on TLC or HPLC scouting runs
  • Optimal fraction purity: very selective separation on high efficiency columns filled with small size particles

Ease of use

  • Prep HPLC as easy to use as flash chromatography.
  • Seamless switch from flash to preparative mode with a single click
  • Intuitive handling thanks to graphical user interface designed for purification applications
  • Easy connection of flash cartridges, glass columns or preparative HPLC columns

Service & Support

  • Reference applications
  • Laboratory chromatography guide
  • Customized application support
  • Practical workshops, trainings and seminars
  • Minimized downtime thanks to our service hotline