Prep­Pure Columns

Highest performance for prep HPLC and SFC applications

PrepPure columns are filled with high-quality silica and enable the performance of high-resolution separations. Easy scalability and phases for standard and targeted applications make PrepPure the obvious choice for the best prep HPLC and SFC results.

  • Type of stationary phase:unbonded and bonded silica
  • Particle sizes: 5-15 µm
  • Column IDs:4.6 – 70 mm
PrepPure Columns

High flexibility

The PrepPure column portfolio covers unbonded & bonded silicas, incl. coated and immobilized polysaccharides with unique selectivities for polar or non-polar and chiral or achiral compounds. It allows easy scalability thanks to multiple column dimensions.

High flexibility

Specialized solutions

Some applications require specialized equipment. Therefore, BUCHI offers customized solutions for prep HPLC and prep SFC separations, such as:

- 70 mm ID columns for large-scale prep HPLC purification

- Brush phase type for enantiomer prep SFC separations

- C18 AQ phase for prep HPLC applications in high water environment 

Specialized solutions