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BUCHI is celebrating!

Anniversary campaign

40 years of chromatography

BUCHI is celebrating the 40th birthday of its chromatography – join the fun!To mark the occasion we are saying, “Thank you,” by offering all chromatography users a special gift.

Buy a Reveleris® chromatography system and get an anniversary gift voucher for FlashPure™ ID columns or an evaporation system.

The anniversary gift voucher is €3,500 if you buy a Reveleris® X2 system or €7,000 if you buy a Reveleris® Prep system:

Reveleris® X2 + €3.500* voucher
Reveleris® PREP + 7.000* voucher

To find out more and arrange a demonstration call: +31 78 684 94 29 or benelux@buchi.com.

*Anniversary gift voucher valid until 30/11/2018. Subject to amendments/printing errors. Terms and conditions apply.

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