2021 Oct. 13

User Training Non-Kjeldahl - Steam Volatile Analytes

The training is designed to provide you with theoretical and practical knowledge of non-Kjeldahl applications offered by BUCHI.
  • Type: Local Seminars
Content of training

• Basic theory and practical sessions for determination of alcohol content and total SO2
• Blank, reference substances and sample preparation
• Preparing BUCHI unit K-360/K-365 and Metrohm Titrino Plus for analysis
• Complete workflow: sample preparation, distillation, titration & data management
• Workflow optimization
• Troubleshooting

Learning targets
  • Learn about sample preparation
  • Perform analysis with BUCHI Kjeldahl instrument (KjelFlex K-360/Kjel Line/Dist Line) 
  • Perform titration on Metrohm Titrino Plus as per the necessity of the application
2021 Oct. 13
1 day, from 09.00 to 18.00 CET
Meierseggstrasse 40, 9230 Flawil Switzerland
BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
CHF 550
Language of training

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