2023 Jan. 1

NIRWise Plus Calibration Development Training (virtual) - on demand

This virtual training will give an insight on calibration development for ProxiMate NIR.
  • Type:On demand
Content of training

Chapter 1: Basics NIR Spectroscopy
Chapter 2: NIRWise Basics for Calibration Development
Chapter 3: Chemometrics Basics
Chapter 4: NIRWise Plus

  • Files and Folders
  • Features
  • Calibration Optimization

Please note:
This training is available on demand. Get in contact with us by clicking the green button 'Register'.
Also, please note that we require a minimum of 3 participants in order to carry out this training.

Learning targets
  • You will get to know the background of NIR spectrocopy
  • You will obtain a basic understanding of chemometrics
  • You will be enabled to interpret calibration models and results
  • You will be able to optimise calibrations with NIRWise Plus
2023 Jan. 1
3 hours
Virtual training
CHF 300
Language of training

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