2021 Oct. 4

NIRFlex N-500 in Daily Routine ('Western' Session)

Take advantage of a firm and virtual training that consists of three-hour modules on two consecutive days. The course is designed for NIRFlex N-500/ NIRMaster users and those who are interested in becoming one.
  • Type: Online Trainings
Content of training
  • Introduction to the NIR Software
  • Application Management
  • Sample Management
  • Calibration Management
  • Database Management
  • Lifecycle concept
Learning targets

An interactive set-up allows you to ask your questions no matter if you start using the NIR instrument or if you already have experience. You gain and deepen NIR knowledge given by well experienced BUCHI NIR Product Specialists, and in addition there will be room to share knowledge with other operators:

  • The participants will be introduced with the entire NIR software suite and easily distinguish the roles and purpose of the specific users/user groups
  • The users learn on how to develop desired applications according to their sample of interest, and can coordinate and preselect assigned calibrations necessary for the routine measurements
  • Participants will be able to track details of their daily routine, sign electronically reports of the measurements, create new properties of interest, have clear overview of measured batches and much more
  • What are necessities in collecting spectra and define the working range against calibration range, aim for the best efficiency when creating calibrations and how to apply finished calibrations in the routine
  • The data storage is usually critical for some segments and no interference shall be allowed between daily routine and research that needs to be implemented into routine, the backups or the creation of new databases is therefore essential and is established with the BUCHI Database Manager
  • What will be defined as a daily routine has to be clear and easy to use and with the lifecycle concept it is straight forward and it also allows the users to comply with many different regulations
2021 Oct. 4
2 days (three-hour sessions on each day, from 14.00 to 17.00 CET)
Virtual classroom
CHF 300
Language of training

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