2022 Apr. 6

Dioxin analysis in food and environmental samples

Learn about modern methods used in the dioxin analysis workflow. Join experts in the field from BUCHI, Shimadzu and renowned guest speaker, Dr. Peter A. Behnisch, Director of BioDetection Systems BV.
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Content of training

In this collaborative event, join specialists from BUCHI Labortechnik and Shimadzu, together with guest speaker Dr. Peter A. Behnisch, Director of BioDetection Systems BV, to learn more about dioxin analysis for food and environmental applications.

Learning targets
  • Sample preparation using pressurized solvent extraction
  • Dioxin analysis using sample purification and GC-MS/MS
  • Case study on how to detect dioxins and other POPs in food?
  • Bonus: Ask the experts your own question with a guaranteed answer
2022 Apr. 6
60 min
Virtual classroom
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