2022 Oct. 26

Advances in spray drying of pharmaceuticals

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Spray drying is one of the most established techniques in drug discovery and development. Although the method has hardly changed over the years, the spray dryer has evolved rapidly to provide users more capabilities and higher efficiency. In our webinar, Prof. Dr. Heiko Alexander Schiffter-Weinle from Cologne University of Applied Sciences to find out how modern spray drying is used in pharmaceutical research.

Learning targets
  • How the new Mini Spray Dryer S-300 works and how to set it up correctly
  • Drying kinetics and particle formation
  • Important process parameters
  • Practical considerations of spray drying: how to analyze sample behaviour, compare experiments, perform routine work
  • Application example: in-situ precipitation of inorganic microparticles
2022 Oct. 26
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