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Infinite Freeze Drying

As the market leader in laboratory evaporation, BUCHI offers the first laboratory Freeze Dryer with Infinite-Technology™ and Infinite-Control™. Applications range from research and development to quality control within a broad spectrum of market segments. Our BUCHI solutions stand-out by their efficiency and practical capability.

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Lyovapor™ L-300

With Infinite-Technology™ the Lyovapor™ L-300 offers continuous sublimation for the first time with two alternately working and automatically hygienically cleaned condensers at -105 ºC.

Lyovapor™ L-200

The compact Lyovapor™ L-200 offers efficient Freeze Drying (6 kg, -55 °C) with the Infinite-Control™ for easy process control and process monitoring from anywhere, at anytime.

Lyovapor™ Software

The Lyovapor™ Software provides Infinite-Control™ for the Lyovapor™ L-200 and Lyovapor™ L-300. For the first time in Freeze Drying, Quick-Design offers a fast way of programming and starting methods. Furthermore, real-time process tracking and individual reporting are included.

Modular solutions

Technology with high flexibility. Be prepared for increasing sample volumes. Upgradeable system (interface, software, temperature and pressure sensors). Various drying chambers for maximum sample diversity.

“The Lyovapor™ L-200 is an extremely high quality laboratory Freeze Drying system for a wide range of applications. The operation of the Freeze Dryer and the drying of all kinds of different samples are straightforward."

Prof. Dr. Heiko A. Schiffter-Weinle

Department of Galenics, TH Köln/University of Applied Sciences

Product configurator

Create your Freeze Dryer solution with the BUCHI Lyovapor™ configurator according to your specific needs. Simply choose from the various options and receive your Freeze Dryer order code including a picture of your specific configuration. Share the result with others or easily get a quote.